Walter Kortschak


I founded Kortschak Investments in 2010 because I love helping entrepreneurs build enduring businesses. I like to think of Kortschak Investments as equal parts early stage venture capital fund and management advisory firm. Currently, I also spend time as executive chairman of SignalFire, an early-stage venture capital firm.

Over 3 decades, I have been privileged to work with many outstanding entrepreneurs as an advisor, board member and lead investor. In total, 23 of my companies have completed successful IPOs and 25 have been acquired, returning over $7.6 billion of value to investors.

Aside from Kortschak Investments, I have been incredibly fortunate to serve as a trustee at Caltech. The amazing faculty and students inspire me and I am constantly in awe of their creativity and intelligence.

Prior to Kortschak Investments, I spent 21 years at Summit Partners, where I served as managing partner and experienced first-hand the evolution of Silicon Valley as the center of innovation. Before Summit, I worked at Crosspoint Venture Partners as an associate. I earned a BS in engineering from Oregon State University, an MS in engineering from Caltech and an MBA from UCLA.